About Us

Charles Lachapelle founded Independent Oil Burner Service in 1957.  Charlie built his reputation on personalized quality service and was available 24 hours a day.  This made Charlie well sort after by most of the oil companies in Northern RI.  His wife Louise would answer the calls and schedule his day while juggling their family. 

When his son Wayne returned from serving in the United States Air Force, they expanded the business and bought their first oil truck.  The year was 1986 and Independent Oil Burner Service became Lachapelle Oil & Heating.

With Charlie's excellent service and Wayne delivering oil, Louise brought in their youngest daughter Michelle to help with the bookkeeping and Lachapelle Oil & Heating became a true family business. 

In 1994, business continued to grow and Charlie could not keep up with the demand.  Charlie decided to turn the company over to his son Wayne, who in turn brought in one of his older brothers, Ed, to help maintain the same quality of service.  Ed was also an air conditioning technician, adding another line of service to the company.  Unfortunately, Ed passed away in May of 2013, after fighting cancer for six months.  During Ed's fight, Jodi Jenkins was brought in to handle the service/cleaning end of the business.  For more information regarding Jodi and his services, please click on the "Heating Oil Service" page.

Throughout the last 50 years, with many of the challenges and changes the company has gone through, Lachapelle Oil & Heating has never lost their commitment to family and the families they serve.