Heating Oil Plus

Heating Oil Plus

Heating Oil Plus™

Heating Oil Plus™ is Global’s proprietary No. 2 premium heating oil. It is heating oil containing a carefully balanced group of active ingredients to help avoid filter issues, nozzle and strainer plugging, thereby effectively reducing fuel related service calls.  Global’s Heating Oil Plus™ program continues to gain acceptance by more full and non-service heating oil companies.

Consistent use can provide the following benefits:

  • Treatment cost is a mere fraction of a cent per gallon.
  • Unscheduled service calls are reduced.
  • Customer loyalty is enhanced by reducing fuel related “no heat” calls.
  • Comprehensive technical and marketing support is provided.
  • Blending at the rack eliminates the expense of handling additives and possible over or under treatment of product.

Lachapelle Oil believes in helping their customer by offering Heating Oil Plus to help reduce unneccessary extra costs during the winter months.